A Kinus Hashluchim Without the Photo?

Although the annual Kinus Hashluchim will be taking place in person this year, the iconic group photo will not be taken, due to health regulations. A number of other changes will be taking place as well.

By Anash.org reporter

Although the annual Kinus Hashluchim will be taking place in person this year, a number of distinct changes will make this Kinus different than those of previous years.

In previous years, the Kinus program would include a trip to the Ohel on Friday, where a pan kloli would be read on behalf of all of the shluchim. On Sunday morning of the Kinus, the thousands of attendees would gather in front of 770 for the iconic group photo, considered a highlight of the kinus and a symbol of the growth of the Rebbe’s army of shluchim.

With this years Kinus taking place during the covid-19 pandemic, shluchim from a large number of countries will be unable to attend, and health regulations will still be in place in New York City. As a result, the group photo will not be taking place this year, leaving the annual highlight for future years, when the situation improves.

Instead of the photo, the shluchim will be traveling to the Ohel for the reading of the pan kloli, taking the place of the usual Friday trip. The schedule change will also allow the many shluchim who are unable to attend the Kinus to join a livestream of the event, which they would be unable to join if it took place on Friday, as Shabbos will have begun in many of their time zones.

An additional change taking place this year will be with regards to the shlichus workshops that take place over the weekend of the kinus. In previous years, the main bulk of the workshops would take place in a hotel located outside Crown Heights. This year, the workshops will all be taking place in Crown Heights, spread out in a number of locations throughout the neighborhood.

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