‘A Grus Fun Rebbin’: Shluchim Exchange Uplifting Moments

60 days ahead of Gimmel Tammuz, shluchim at the Western Regional Kinus shared stories of ‘regards from the Rebbe’ they received during tough times, letting them know that the Rebbe was thinking of them.

By Rabbi Motti Wilhelm – Portland, OR

Exactly 60 days before the awesome day of Gimmel Tammuz – Shloshim Shono, 65 Shluchim from 20+ states gathered in S. Fe, New Mexico for a Kinus Eizori – Regional Kinus.

As is customary at the Western Regional Kinus, every participant “hot gekumen tzum vort” and shared a few words.

The stories were wild…

In cities one never knew existed, young Shluchim were getting “A Grus Fum Rebbin” in unimaginable ways.

In Spokane, WA a Shliach going through a personal challenge gets a gift from a non-Jew. “Rabbi, I wanted to give you something very special…”  Chanukah Gelt from the Rebbe!

In Ashland, OR two hours after a Shliach mentions his balebus at the Ohel, the fellow emails the Shliach asking for a picture of the Rebbe which he can put in place the eastern guru on his wall.

In Oro Valley, AZ a fellow showed up and asked to sing Anim Zemiros. He had been present when the Rebbe taught it in 770, a scene he will never forget.

On Hawaii’s Big Island, a shliach whose possessions got trapped at sea (after the shipping company went bankrupt) is gifted a picture of the Rebbe. “Rabbi, we noticed you did not have a picture in your home, and we know every Chabad has one.”

A Shliach whose child is struggling with Shlichus gets a dollar on the day and with the date of his Hanochas Teffilin.

The common denominator in all the stories: ‘A Grus fun Rebbin’ – a message that the Rebbe is thinking of them.

On Shabbos Morning the Shluchim learned a maamar “Al yipoter … ela mitoch d’var halacha” through Halacha there is actually no “yipoter.” The same can be said through the Halicha on Shlichus: 30 years after Gimmel Tammuz, young people are setting out to do the Rebbe’s Shlichus and the Meshaleach is sending messages, you have ‘A Grus fun Rebbin.’

Thank you to Rabbi Berel Levertov, the Vaad Hakinus and shluchim for a most inspirational Kinus.

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