A Glimpse into the Newly Revamped “Eternal Joy”

In honor of the 95th wedding anniversary of the Rebbe and RebbetzinSichos in English is releasing an excerpt from Volume Two of its newly revamped ‘Eternal Joy‘ set.

Today, 14 Kislev, is the 95th wedding anniversary of the Rebbe and Rebbetzin. In honor of this special day, Sichos in English is releasing an excerpt from Volume Two of its newly revamped Eternal Joy, from its acclaimed The Rebbe’s Perspective series. 

Marriage is undoubtedly the most definitive life event a person experiences, and the journey is riddled with questions and considerations. “Am I ready?” “What am I looking for?” “How do I know?” These all-consuming questions are only a few of many as a person crosses the threshold and enters this new stage of life. “Should I care about the flowers?” “How do I act during this hectic time?” The questions continue to snowball as engagement commences. And then along comes marriage, and with it, a plethora of new questions is unlocked.

As with everything, we look to the Rebbe for clarity and guidance in navigating these chapters of our lives. Through letters of correspondence and various other sources, Eternal Joy has provided an entire generation of chassanim and kallos with the Rebbe’s timeless perspective on Shidduchim, Engagement, the Wedding, Married Life, and Shalom Bayis, packed into 3 accessible volumes.

The selection presented here features the Kabbalas Panim and Chuppah, providing readers with the Rebbe’s illuminating guidance on this monumental occasion, as well as many relevant Chabad minhagim. It delves into the details, discussing the Tenai’mLechah Dodi Maamar, the ring, Unterfihrers, and so much more.

On this special day, read this insightful segment from the acclaimed series that has participated in building countless homes!

The revamp of this foundational series has almost reached completion! Updated with newly translated sichos and letters of the Rebbe, and interspersed with relevant stories of the Rebbe, the series has been reformatted to give it a modern layout, making for a more accessible and enjoyable read. All of the content has been edited anew, and to complete the revamp, the set has been fitted with an attractive fresh cover. Now, this new version of Eternal Joy is almost complete and ready to expand its reach, enriching the lives of a new generation.

After years of dedicated work, Eternal Joy is almost ready for printing. Click here to partner with Sichos in English in continuing to share the Rebbe’s timeless perspective and guidance on these crucial stages of life.  You can help bring Eternal Joy to countless more people as they navigate these significant chapters of life.

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