A Double Win: Support Hakhel and Win a Ksav Yad!

Support Chabad of Boro Park’s Hakhel activities for the local Jewish communities, and you will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win an original ksav yad from the Rebbe.

Chabad of Boro Park launched a campaign to support Mivtza Hakhel for Boro Park community – one of the largest Jewish communities worldwide.

All supporters of $36 and up have a unique and rare opportunity: to enter a raffle on an original Ksav Yad of the Rebbe.

This Ksav Yad is an original letter of the Rebbe wishing the recipient with a blessing for a good year – signed with the Rebbe’s holy signature in a blue pen (see picture below).

All donations will help cover Large Hakhel gatherings of thousands of the Boro Park community.

In addition, publications explaining Hakhel to the Boro Park community are being mass distributed.

There has already been a major Hakhel event towards the beginning of the year which over 15,000 Yidden have attended! – A huge thanks to all those who already had a chance to donate to our campaign.

With plans for additional events later this year (hopefully, by then we will be long into the Geula with the “Real” Hakhel in the Beis Hamikdash!).

As the campaign comes to a close, the date of the drawing of the Ksav Yad has been set to be in less than a week from now – next week Tuesday יום הבהיר כ”ד טבת.

Click Here to secure your Raffle tickets now and support Mivtza Hakhel for the Boro Park community.

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