A Day of Togetherness for New Jersey Shluchos 

72 shluchos joined together for the annual New Jersey Kinus Hashluchos, with creative team-building activities, mini color palette consultations, and a cooking demo being offered alongside inspiring and informative sessions.

N’shei readers: Click here for a full gallery of the NJ Kinus Hashluchos.

“You know that feeling after celebrating a family simcha? The high that comes off the heels of a beautiful celebration, celebrated by the people we are closest to? That’s the feeling I have after yesterday’s kinus. The sense of unity and togetherness was truly felt, the joy and happiness in the room almost tangible. I’m only sad that there are no sheva brachos to follow. ”

This feedback represents the robust positivity expressed by one of the 72 shluchos who participated in the New Jersey Kinus Hashluchos on Teves 25. The annual kinus is part of Chabad of New Jersey’s Mental Health Initiative (MHI) – the invaluable program provided by the Rabbinical College of America, under the auspices of Rabbi Moshe and Mendy Herson.

This vital initiative provides a broad spectrum of professional training and workshops, the services of an on-call mental health consultant, and subsidies for shluchim families’ personal therapy needs. At the heart of this Initiative are the three annual Kinusim (for shluchim, shluchos, and families), each with the goal of nurturing friendships and connections amongst the New Jersey shluchim family. 

The Hakhel Kinus Hashluchos was hosted by Chani Gurkov and Chani B. Gurkov at the beautiful Chabad of Passaic County. The day included creative team-building activities, mini color palette consultations, and a cooking demo with Chanie Apfelbaum of Busy in Brooklyn. Veteran shlucha Mrs. Chaya Perman shared personal stories to empower us in dealing with life’s inevitable challenges.

A highlight of the day was shluchos sharing instances of their sister-shluchos supporting them beyond the call of duty. Three catered meals and a musical kumzitz rounded out this rich day of friendship, learning, and laughter. “It was SO enjoyable and a perfect mix of fun and meaningful, inspiring, engaging…everything. If the goal was to foster connection, it was definitely achieved!” 

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