A Crown Heights Family’s Birthday Present to the Rebbe 

With the hustle and bustle of the never-ending preparations for Pesach, it can be hard to think of a proper birthday present to give the Rebbe. We’ve got you covered! Join Mivtzoim in Sheepshead Bay and help us help over 4,000 families celebrate Pesach.

We invite you to join us in giving the Rebbe a truly meaningful birthday present. Help us help our fellow Yidden in Sheepshead Bay. With your participation, we can make a profound impact on the lives of 4,000 families. They are waiting for you!

Join with your children and give them a chance to experience the immense fulfillment that comes from reaching out to others. Watch them swell with pride as they merit to help another Yid do a mitzvah! 

Many people have already gone, including a large group from Bnos Menachem. But we’re not finished yet! Join us in this grand operation so that every Yid in Sheepshead Bay experiences the freedom of Pesach.

Everything is set and ready. From matzas to pamphlets to routes, all materials are organized and prepacked with every detail covered. You can pick up the material at any time from the truck parked on the corner of Kingston avenue and President Street.

To participate please contact Yossi (347) 770-5566.

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