A Chassidishe School

A Note from the Rebbe: When looking for the best education, we might be drawn by professional presentation. But what really matters in chinuch is the educator’s inner qualities.

A father wrote to the Rebbe asking for advice on where to send his daughter to preschool.

In his area there were two schools. One was not a chassidishe school and it had mixed classes. That school was well established with experienced teachers. The other option was a newly opened preschool, run by chassidishe Yidden; however, the teachers did not have much experience and the school was somewhat disorganized.

The Rebbe responded:

It is clear that your daughter should be educated in the chassidishe pre-school, and it is astonishing that there was ever any question.

Beyond the tools that are used to ensure success in the education of a child, we must realize that success lies in authentic Yiddishkeit.

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