A Chance Encounter, Spontaneous Chavrusa, and an Inspired Decision

A small mistake that snowballed into a movement of Torah learning and a bold new initiative. A daylight savings miscalculation gives rise to the shechuna’s newest Bais Medrash.

It’s happened to all of us at one point or another.

Don’t tell me you’ve never forgotten to change your clock when daylight savings came around…

When Reb Moshe Katzman and Reb Aryeh Leib Fuss met in the Rayim Ahuvim shul one morning, an hour early, they decided to maximize the extra hour by opening a Sefer and learning some chassidus before davening.

When the rest of the people arrived and the minyan commenced, they were inspired by how different their davening was and decided to make the hour of chassidus before davening a daily ritual.

Others soon began to join them, and Chassidus before davening is now a regular part of the Shul’s schedule.

This simple initiative had a ripple effect and the shul began to increasingly become an address for individuals and chavrusas to meet up and spend time immersed in their learning. The need soon became apparent for a designated Haichal Limmud and thus, the idea to create Bais Hillel was born,

The new Bais Medrash, Bais Hillel, will be located on the top floor of Rayim Ahuvim.

The room is in the process of undergoing extensive renovations to create a warm and welcoming environment that will be open the community 24/7.

Community members are invited to come either alone or with a chavrusa to take advantage of the fully stocked Seforim shelves and are welcome to enjoy the coffee and fresh mezonos that will be provided daily.

Bais Hillel is now inviting the community to participate in the establishment of this haven of learning and light unto its surroundings by participating in the Schuna’s Bais Medrash Campaign.

You can be one of the five lucky winners of a brand new, iPhone 12 Pro or $1,000 cash!

Join today!


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