91st Day: Iran Blames Israel, Weapons Factory Destroyed

War Summary, Day Ninety One: IDF troops uncovered and destroyed a very large underground weapons factory belonging to Hamas. No new IDF deaths were reported today.

By Mrs. Bruria Efune

War Summary, Day Ninety One

132 held captive in Gaza.
110 hostages freed.
11 hostage bodies rescued.
33 hostages confirmed murdered in Gaza.
1,300+ Israelis murdered.
175 fallen soldiers in the battle in Gaza.
5 fallen soldiers in Northern Israel.
8,000 injured.
12,500 rockets fired at Israel.
187,533 Israelis displaced from their homes.
1 Jewish nation united in prayer, charity, and good deeds.

Hostage Updates:

Since October 7th there remains a number of Israelis who were declared “missing,” because their bodies weren’t found, and there wasn’t evidence of them being kidnapped. Today, IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari announced that three of the Israelis who were declared missing are now confirmed to be held hostage by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

This bring the number of hostages from the current conflict to 132.

Gaza Front Updates:

Hamas fired two rounds of rockets today, one at the Gaza Envelope area—where an anti-aircraft missile hit a health clinic in Kibbutz Nirim—, and one at the Ashkelon area.

Thank God, the IDF did not announce any heroes who fell in battle today!

The IDF announced that it eliminated Mamdouh Lulu, a senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) commander in an airstrike in the Gaza Strip. Lulu served as an assistant to the commanders of the PIJ’s northern Gaza division, and maintained contact with Islamic Jihad officials abroad. The eliminated terrorist had initiated many attacks on Israeli civilians, and IDF soldiers in Gaza, both before and during the war.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant toured the central Gaza border and commented on the intense battles. He also emphasized that the war will not end until Hamas is done with. He said: “Those terrorists who started counting down the time to the departure of the IDF forces, need to change the count, they need to start counting until the end of their lives on earth—and it will come soon.”

It’s becoming increasingly clear that in order to eliminate the full threat against Israeli civilians, the IDF will need to search through every inch of Gaza. Hamas and PIJ terrorists spread all their weapons across the Gaza Strip in many small depots, and across many apartments, schools, hospitals, and outdoor hiding spots. This makes it incredibly difficult for the IDF to get rid of the terror stockpiles, and also enables terrorists to find weapons wherever they go, while pretending to be empty-handed civilians.

As the IDF pushes through central and south Gaza, they are both searching for and destroying weapons, hunting for senior Hamas command, and most importantly—looking for the hostages and finding a safe way to evacuate them.

In Central Gaza the troops are primarily battling in Deir al Balah and al-Bureij, where they’re finding many small weapons depots.

In this area, IDF troops uncovered and destroyed a very large underground weapons factory belonging to Hamas. The factory was discovered by the Yahalom unit, at the end of a large and complex underground network of tunnels, and behind blast-proof doors. The factory was fully equipped with heavy machinery, cooling fans, explosive materials, and rocket fuel. The tunnels also contained large stockpiles of weapons. If you donated to our campaign to put cameras on tanks and in tunnels, then you helped out with this search and discovery!

After a thorough search, the tunnels and factory were destroyed by combat engineers.

In Khan Younis, IDF soldiers continue to advance, locate an destroy weapons depots, and eliminate many terrorists, frequently with the help of the Air Force. The troops significantly damaged the northern and eastern Khan Younis battalion’s command and control abilities, decreasing Hamas’s ability to carry out large-scale attacks on troops.

Commenting on Hamas’s tendency to hide everywhere amongst civilians, the commander of the Kiryati Brigade, Col. Mickey Sharvit, says that in their area of operations “there is no innocent infrastructure.”

Sharvit’s troops located a tunnel shaft in Khan Younis that led to several hundred meters of underground passageways. The IDF troops eliminated some 20 Hamas terrorists, including a company commander, inside the tunnel. Five members of Hamas’s elite Nukhba force escaped the tunnel and surrendered to troops.

The Nukhba terrorists who surrendered told IDF interrogators that the strikes on underground Hamas tunnels in the area killed many terrorists, including two company commanders of Hamas’s northern and eastern Khan Younis battalions.

Gaza Humanitarian Efforts Updates:

187 trucks carrying food, water, medical supplies, and shelter equipment were inspected and transferred to the Gaza Strip today.

10 bakeries in the Gaza Strip have resumed operations after the World Food Programme has supplied flour, sugar, salt, and fuel as necessary. At the current capacity, these bakeries can bake 2 million pita breads a day.

The IDF implements daily tactical pauses to enable movement of humanitarian aid. Today, between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., the IDF paused operations in the Yafa Al-Barouh neighborhood in Deir al-Balah, central Gaza.

Northern Front Updates:

Heavy fire exchanges continued along the northern border, with Hezbollah focusing on anti-tank missiles, which have proven to be the most destructive. Air raid sirens do not detect the anti-tank missiles, and they get through air-defense systems much more easily than any other type of rocket or missile. While heavy damage was cause to homes in Metula and surrounding communities, no injuries were reported. Over 80,000 Israelis have been evacuated from the far north due to the missile fire.

Hezbollah announced four members killed today, bringing the total toll since October 8 to 147.

The IDF shelled Hezbollah positions along the border, and destroyed several Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon.

In an interview with al-Arabiya, the former Prime Minister of Lebanon, Fouad al-Seniora, addressed Hezbollah— and warned the terrorist organization against a confrontation with Israel: “This thing will not benefit Lebanon, will end in destruction, and will not bring military benefit. Lebanon will not be able to bear it.”

War Cabinet member, Minister Benny Gantz, met with Amos Hochstein, the special envoy of the US president. Gantz told Hochstein in clear words that Israel prefers to work with the US and the international community to bring about a solution in the north, but if no one does anything to repair the situation, then the IDF will remove the threat.

Defense Minister Gallant and Prime Minister Netanyahu both mirrored these words.

Additional War Fronts Updates

A Houthi drone boat packed with explosives detonated in the Red Sea on Thursday but failed to cause any damage or casualties,

During a discussion held in the UN Security Council on the Houthi threat in the Red Sea, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, said that the attacks by the rebels from Yemen are not only an “Israeli problem,” but “a harbinger of the dark future expected for the region and the world over, if significant action is not taken against them urgently.” He added: “The atrocity regime in Iran is the only factor that unites all the perpetrators of destruction in the Middle East.”

The ISIS terror group took credit for the explosions in Iran at Solemeini’s grave yesterday. According to a report in the New York Times, Iran’s leaders will still blame it on Israel.

Judea and Samaria Updates:

During a 40-hour raid in Nur Shams, near Tulkarm, the IDF located an UNRWA daycare center that was booby-trapped by local terror operatives.

During the operation, IDF troops questioned hundreds of suspects and arrested 11 of them. They also seized many weapons, and destroyed hundreds of explosive devices, including those planted in the UNRWA daycare.

Explosives were hurled at the soldiers, and two were wounded, one lightly and one moderately.

In a a separate operation near Jenin a soldier was seriously wounded by an explosive device.

Hamas in the Judea and Samaria region called for angry marches throughout tomorrow after the Friday prayer, following the assassination of Saleh al-Aaruri, and in order to express support for Gaza.

International Updates:

A senior official in the US Department of Education announced tonight his resignation due to the Biden administration’s ignoring of the “atrocities being committed against Palestinians.” In the letter he submitted he wrote that “I cannot remain silent in the face of the genocidal campaign being carried out by the Israeli government.”

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