9,000 Books Arrive at JEM

13 pallets containing 9,000 copies of JEM’s new publication, One By One, recently arrived at their offices. The books are now being packaged, boxed, and shipped out.

My Encounter’s new hardcover book features 66 select personal encounters with the Rebbe, highlighting the Rebbe’s guidance to each individual that came through his door.

In a recent article describing how she came to be the author of One By One, Mrs. Uriela Obst Sagiv shared her observations regarding the interviews the book is based on. “No two stories are alike, and it amazes me how varied the Rebbe’s advice has been, tailored to each person whose soul the Rebbe clearly understood and guided,” Mrs. Sagiv said.

To order the book online click here. The book is also available at your local Judaica store.

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