9 Candidates Nominated for Vaad Hakohol Elections

The Nominations Committee of the Netzigim of Crown Heights met last night and approved the nine nominating petitions that were received on behalf of the potential candidates with the required 50 eligible voters signed. 

The Nominations Committee of the Netzigim of Crown Heights met last night (Monday) to review nominations received for the upcoming elections for directors of Crown Heights Jewish Community Council and Vaad Hakohol. 

Nine nominating petitions were received on behalf of the potential candidates. The committee examined the petitions and decided that all appeared to be valid, with more than the required 50 eligible voters signed. 

Accordingly, subject to a 2 day challenge period for any objections to be received, the candidates will be: Yehuda Kirsh, Dovid Halon, Meir New, Yankel Goldstein, Yitzie Kamman, Shmuel Rosenstein, Berel Hildeshaim, Zalman Friedman, and Pinchos Woolstone. 

The committee will meet again on Wednesday night to produce a final list of candidates to post in all member shuls. All comments should be emailed to the committee at <[email protected]>.

The Committee is appointed by the official Netzigim of Crown Heights. The following have appointed official Netzigim so far:

1. 93rd shul/Tzeirei anash/aguda basement (Langzam)
2. 94 Shul  (Kuperman)
3. 96 Shul (Lazaroff)
4. 99 Class Shull (534 Empire) (Rimler, Chanin)
5. Ahavas Achim- Empire Shtiebel (Simon)
6. Aliya- Bais Laime (Feiglin)
7. Anshei Lubavitch (Leshes)
8. Bais Binyamin (Berkowitz)
9. Beis David Gershon (Felberman)
10. Beis Gimpel Chaim (Breshevitzki)
11. Beis Shmuel (Dubroff)
12. Chovevei Torah- Murphy Shul (Leshes, Zulaf)
13. Chug Yaakov Yehuda (Hecht)
14. Bnei Solomon Zalman-Frankel shul(Caplan, Adelstein)
15. Getzel Shul (Spinner) (Avrohom Eliyahu)
16. Hadar Hatorah (Weisz)
17. Menachem’s Shul (Wilhelm)
18. Mitzvah Center (Chayo)
19. Mishkan Menachem- JCM (Berghoff)
20. Nosson’s Shul (Wilhelm)
21. Ohel Nosson (Webb, Kaminetzky)
22. The Besht Center (Freidman)
23. The Shul (Chein)
24. Unzer Shul (Simon)
25. The Lincoln Place Shul (Shushan)
26. Rayim Ahuvim (Katzman, Fuss)
27. Torah Utefilah – Shain Cong Tiferes

If you don’t see your shul here, please have the shul management reach out to [email protected] to complete the necessary process.

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  1. Just like previously, the Mispalelim of 770 (the largest shul in Crown Heights) remain voiceless!

    There is no opportunity for 770 mispalelim and members to appoint netzigim, and the gaboyim of 770 weren’t elected by members or mispalelim. A travesty that must be addressed and corrected.

    1. Any Shul in 770 (main Shul, tashkenter Shul, upstairs 770) can appoint a netzig

  2. Zhamke Brochshtadt is the official netzig of 770. Not sure why his name was left out.

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