8 Worthy Things You May Not Know About Light

A new pamphlet is available to hand out this year to get your Chanuka mivtzoim mekuravim hooked on the lights of this miraculous yom tov.

Shine Bright this Chanukah!

Get illuminated with Principles Magazine’s Chanukah companion “Light Illuminated” featuring eight powerful Chanukah messages on the power of light culled from classical Chassidic texts. 


– Why light is an essential necessity 

– How a little light expels a lot of darkness

– Why we can’t keep the light of Torah private

– How the light of Moshiach will transform darkness itself

Shliach, the companion is the ideal Chanukah handout, sure to be appreciated by your friends, mekuravim and attendees of your Chanukah functions and public Menorah lighting events. It also comes with a step-by-step guide on lighting the menorah.

Spread the light this Chanukah by getting a copy for yourself and sharing with friends and family!

Available on Amazon.com and in better bookstores.

Special rates and free shipping for orders over 100 copies!

Email [email protected] or call/text 929-299-8244 for more info.

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