8 Messages on Present-Day Hiskashrus From Sichos in English

Sichos in English released selections from the upcoming series ‘Sparking a Revolution’ with foundational talks from the Rebbe delivered in the year following the Frierdiker Rebbe’s passing.

Gimmel Tammuz is not an easy day for chassidim, to say the least. How does our deep love and hiskashrus, a chassid’s deep soul-connection with the Rebbe, stay alive today, as another year has passed without us being able to see the Rebbe and hear his voice? What are we to make of this seeming deficiency in our relationship with the Rebbe, and how do we keep going from here?

To address these questions, Sichos in English is releasing selections from Sparking a Revolution, under the title, Feeling Connected: 8 Messages on Present Day Hiskashrus. Being published in both print and online formats, these excerpts are selections from the Rebbe’s talks in the first year and a half of the Rebbe’s leadership. In these foundational talks, we can gain inspiration and clear guidance as to how the Rebbe expects us as chassidim to move forward.

As chassidim, we always seek guidance from the Rebbe’s teachings in all aspects of life, whether personal or communal, spiritual or mundane. Every step we take, big or small, involves consulting the Rebbe for direction. Throughout the years of the Rebbe’s leadership, we have been fortunate to have had access to a wealth of guidance. This is especially true when it comes to establishing and maintaining our hiskashrus.

After the passing of the Rebbe Rayatz on Yud Shvat 5710 (1950), the Rebbe established the framework that would guide the seventh generation of Chabad, emphasizing our unwavering commitment to the Rebbe even in his physical absence. In numerous talks and letters from that period, the Rebbe consistently emphasized that in such circumstances, not only should our hiskashrus not wane; on the contrary, it should continue to grow and inspire us to strengthen our commitment to bring his revolution to the world.

Many of these talks and letters were originally published in the Sichos in English series entitled Proceeding Together. The series is now being revitalized under the new title, Sparking a Revolution. The updated series will also include previously unpublished content in English.

We trust that these publications will serve as the necessary inspiration for chassidim to find meaning in these times, and we pray that our yearning will bear fruit as we are reunited with our Rebbe beguf gashmi, raising our hiskashrus to the greatest possible heights.

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