8 Hostages Released From Gaza; Israel Counts Them As 10

The IDF has confirmed that six Israeli hostages have returned to Israel on Thursday night, following the release of two hostages earlier in the day. Two hostages released on Wednesday were counted towards the day’s tally.

The IDF has confirmed that six Israeli hostages have returned to Israel.

This latest development follows an earlier release of two Israeli hostages by Hamas, totaling eight releases for the day.

The individuals released earlier on Thursay are identified as 21-year-old Mia Schem and 40-year-old Amit Soussana.

A Spokesman for the Qatar Foreign Ministry says: In accordance with the terms of the 7th day of the humanitarian pause agreement, 30 Palestinians, will be released today in exchange for the release of 10 hostages in Gaza. The 2 Russian citizens released yesterday were counted on this list.

Names of the hostages released tonight:

Aisha Alziadne, 17
Bilal Alziadne, 18
Nili Margalit, 40
Shani Goren, 19
Ilana Grichevsky, 30
Sapir Cohen, 29

The Israeli hostages who were released include 2 minors & 6 women of dual nationality.

As per the terms of the ceasefire agreement, Hamas is obligated to release a minimum of ten hostages daily. But Israel agreed to allow themselves to be played once again.

In a separate event yesterday, Hamas released two additional civilians with dual Russian-Israeli citizenship, a move seen as a gesture towards Russian President Vladimir Putin, and not as a part of the agreement with Israel.

Hamas retroactively included these two Russian-Israeli individuals in today’s tally of released hostages.

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