770 Seder Chassidus Becomes a Movement

A Chassidus revolution currently underway in 770 is making waves around the world. This groundbreaking initiative isn’t limited to bochurim learning in yeshiva, but anyone can join Tomchei Temimim for Seder Chassidus via any streaming platform. 

The average ‘American Bochur’ coming to study in 770, is concurrently filled with excitement and trepidation; although there is much opportunity, it can be overwhelming. All prior years in yeshiva, he received guidance on what to learn, as well as when on Shlichus, he was occupied with learning with the younger bochurim under his care. At last in 770, he could finally utilize the time as he desires, to learn what interests him, and what he enjoys –b’Mokom Shelibo Chofetz

Many Bochurim are unsure how to go about it, particularly with regard to learning Chassidus. The choices range from studying the deep Hemshech of Ayin Beis, to the Avodah’dike Kuntreisim or the Rebbe’s Maamarim, etc., leaving many Bochurim stuck with decision paralysis. Once one does choose the topic to learn, one often feels that he and his Chavrusa are on their own, while all around the zal every Chavrusa is involved in a different Maamer, from another Rebbe, on diverse topics.

Starting this year, Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon, one of the Mashpiim in 770, created a solution. A Chassidus program in which every Bochur can learn what they enjoy, with the proper support. The program has four tracks, each with a Meishiv, Kovtzim of the learning material, and an Internet drive of resources, including shiurim, biurim, and references to delve deeper into the topic. 

One track is learning the Hemshech of Hachodesh from Samach Vov, led by Rabbi Shloimy Kaplan, who will be giving shiurim on Sunday and Tuesday nights. This is a real Iyun experience. You can listen to his shiurim here.  

For those who enjoy the Rebbe Rashab’s elucidation of concepts on Chassidus, but want to learn at a quicker pace, the second track learns shorter Hemshechim. This track starts with Shavous Samach Hei, and throughout the year will continue to other Hemshechim. Each one is learned for four to six weeks. The Mashiv for this track is the 770 Mashgiach Rabbi Levi Klyne. The opening shiur from Rabbi Michoel Golomb can be listened to here

As Bochurim learning in 770, by the Rebbe, two of the tracks are dedicated to learning the Rebbe’s Torah, with an emphasis on appreciating the novelty of the Rebbe’s sichos and maamarim. 

Rabbi Mendel Potash is directing the Sugyos B’Likkutei Sichos track, learning a new Sugya in the Rebbe’s Sichos every month. A unique Kovetz is prepared so that you can follow the Rebbe’s Chidushim, and compare the different perspectives of each Sicha, giving an encompassing view of each topic. For the month of Cheshvan, the Sugya of Emunah V’yedia is being studied. The opening shiur can be listened to here

Lastly, the Rebbe’s Maamarim is a complete track of its own, not only to learn the Maamar but also to acquire the full context of what the Rebbe teaches, by learning the Maamer in depth and with the sources. From the beginning of Cheshvan through Chanukah, the Hemshech of Pasach Eliyahu 5715 is being learned, and throughout the year a new maamar will be studied every month. The Shiurim and guidance for this track will be delivered by Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon. The opening shiur can be listened to here

Baruch Hashem, it’s been off to a great start, with record numbers of bochurim attending Shiurim, and more bochurim continue to join every day. Every night in 770, the Kol Torah is heard. Whether you are learning downstairs 770 or upstairs, you can clearly see the renewed Koch that the bochurim have in learning Chassidus. 

A special thank you to the lead Mashpia and Menahel of 770, Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi, for his dedication to the yeshiva and its programs. And to Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon for spearheading this initiative and seeing it through every step. 

As it says about the Beis Hamikdosh, its light spread to the entire world, so too here, from Beis Rabeinu ShebeBavel. Many bochurim that aren’t in 770 per se but still want to keep learning Chassidus have taken part. Bochurim on Shlichus in other yeshivas, where they don’t have a structured Seder have also joined. Many Kolel yungerleit, not too far from their time learning in 770 participate. One remarked, “The entire atmosphere during Seder Chassidus in Kolel changed over the past week.”

This initiative isn’t limited to bochurim learning in yeshiva, but anyone, איין מאל א תמים, can join Tomchei Temimim for Seder Chassidus. You can join the WhatsApp chats for updates and discussion. Shiurim are available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other streaming platforms. 

Sign up now at https://bit.ly/770chassidus.

Join the WhatsApp community here: https://chat.whatsapp.com/GW9ZJEDLs6o6ufcLq1zM8R.

For any questions, comments, or sponsorship oppurtunities please reach out via email at [email protected]

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