770 Learning Continues At Full Throttle Throughout the Summer

The Bochurim in 770 continued learning diligently throughout the summer. Those that got good grades on the material they were tested on, received monetary incentives.

If you were to chance upon 770 during the summer months, you wouldn’t be able to differentiate if it was summer break or during the regular school year. The bochurim there continue learning diligently through the summer and don’t get lax in their studies.

They are supported and encouraged by a special program created to help motivate the bochurim to learn without having to worry about finances. The program is called the Yissachar and Zevulun Project, coined after the original sons of Yakov who created a partnership where one learned Torah and the other supported him financially.

The Iggud Talmidei Hakvutza created the program at the start of last year. They fundraise and gives each bochur a stipend for keeping seder and learning diligently. At the end of each zman, they test the students on what they learned and award high scores with additional funds.

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