770 Gabbo’im Ask to Be Mindful of Others

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As thousands pack 770 each day of Chanuka for the kindling of the menorah, the Shul’s Gabbo’im would like to remind everyone to be considerate toward your fellow Chossid and do not stand on the tables or benches during the Menorah lighting.

A message from the Gabboim of 770:

The Shul’s Gabbo’im and vaad hamesader would like to remind everyone who is attending the Menorah lighting at 770, that there should be absolutely no standing on tables or benches during or after the Menorah lighting.

The gold-coated menorah, which is modeled after the menorah in the Beis Hamikdosh, stands at 6 feet tall with 3 foot long candles, atop a 4-foot high platform.

As long as no one stands on the benches or tables, the menorah lighting should be clearly visible to everyone from any point in Shul. As soon as the first person stands on top of a table or bench others will follow and will result in many people being unable to see the Hadlaka.

Please do not climb up to higher spots on the Rebbe’s farbrengen bima. People standing on the Rebbe’s farbrengen bima block an entire section of the women’s shul from seeing.

Chanuka is a time when we increase in Ahavas Yisroel and love for a fellow Jew. Please be considerate of your fellow Chossid and do not climb on the benches.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Wishing you all a freilachen Chanuka.

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