770 Bochurim Learn About Safe Use of Technology

The bochurim attending kvutza this year joined in the basement of 1414 President St. for an enlightening lecture given by educator Rabbi Shlomo Sternberg on the dangers of technology and how to use it safely.

A group of this years kvutza bochurim gathered on Monday night in the basement of 1414 President St. for a unique lecture. The group was treated to a fascinating multimedia presentation by Rabbi Shlomo Sternberg, an influential and educational figure in the Crown Heights neighborhood, about the correct use of contemporary technology.

All the temimim listened attentively and with great interest to the important messagesgiven over in the lecture, and internalized the point about the dangers and addictive nature of using of a smartphone. They focused on the importance of being careful with technlogy and making sure the relevant filters and protections are in place before encountering any devices.

For bochurim that are temimim , it is important to guard and filter their minds and hearts, in order to take ensure that they remain in their right place, and preserve their sanctity.

This lecture was held at the initiative of the organization ‘Kupat Bochurim’, for the benefit of all the students who are about to head out to the different Yeshivos and Chabad houses as Shluchim. This as a step before the next stage for these bochurim, who will hopefully then go on to marry and build beautiful Chassidishe homes that will benefit greatly from the correct and safe use of technology.

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