770 Bochurim Launch Campaign for Pesach Expenses

Photos: Dovber Hechtman

On Monday night, bochurim leaning in the yeshiva at 770 launched a campaign to fundraise for Kupas Bochurim, a fund that supports bochurim with their year-round and Pesach needs.

Following half a year of dedication and learning by bochurim at 770, ‘Kupas Bochurim – 770’ has launched a fundraising campaign to assist with expenses. A gathering took place on Monday night, signaling the campaign’s commencement.

The campaign kicked off today, Tuesday, aiming to subsidize Pesach clothing packages for the bochurim. The substantial turnout at last night’s event and the meticulous planning are testaments to the appreciation for ‘Kupas Bochurim,’ which continuously supports the students throughout the year.

The presentation highlighted the fund’s various expenses, from discounted sales to financial aid for bochurim to inspirational farbrengens with visiting Mashpiim. The bochurim set personal fundraising goals to contribute to the costs of these diverse activities, aspiring for a successful campaign that will allow them to enter Pesach with ease and tranquility.

In line with rabbinical guidance, contributions can also be considered Matanos Lo’evyonim ahead of Purim.

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