7 Things Mendel Plotkin Would Want Me To Do Today

6 Iyar is the first yahrzeit of R’ Mendel Plotkin, a young father and ba’al chesed from Toronto who passed away at the age of 43. His brother-in-law Rabbi Motti Wilhelm of Portland, Oregon, pays tribute.

By Rabbi Motti Wilhelm – Portland, Oregon

Today, 6 Iyar, is the first yahrzeit of my dear brother-in-law Rabbi Mendel Plotkin a”h. To mark the day, I jotted down 7 thoughts that I imagine Mendel would tell us if he was still with us.

1) Make a loan to someone who can use it.

2) Check my credit cards and make sure I am not paying interest.

3) Pass around a tip of how others can save money.

4) Ensure my wife and children know they are what matter most to me.

5) Find a way in which my home can be filled with more Kedusha.

6) Exude confidence in the life I am living.

7) Know that while this is a major setback, our emunah in Hashem and our commitment to the ways of Chassidus are only more intesified. Mendel would not want me to be Nispoel from this. I hear him saying “go veiter, Moshiach is even closer now!”

Mendel, I miss you. See you soon b’guf gashmi with Moshiach.

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