600 London Lubavitchers Gather for Hakhel

Hundreds of men, women and children from the London Lubavitcher community gathered for a grand Kinus Hakhel, with a keynote address by a guest speaker from Basel, Switzerland.

By Anash.org reporter

Hundreds of men, women and children from the London Lubavitcher community gathered on Sunday for a grand Kinus Hakhel.

Hosted by Chabad Edgware, the Hakhel was organized by Anash Community Projects of London, headed by Rabbi Getzel Itzinger, in conjunction with the rabbonim and gabboim of all the Lubavitcher shuls in London.

Addressing the Hakhel were local rabbonim and guest speaker Rabbi Zalmen Wishedski, Shliach in Basel, Switzerland, who delivered the keynote address. Rabbi Wishedski gave an overview of the mitzvah of Hakhel, continuing on to the Rebbe’s vision of Hakhel, and encouraging everyone to act on the inspiration and organize Hakhels as the Rebbe requested.

A children’s program also took place simultaneously, run by Rabbi Shmuli Brown, director of CGI Boys UK and shliach to Liverpool University.

At the conclusion of both programs, the boys and girls came into the room where their parents were sitting, and together, they broke into a lively niggun of ‘sheyibaneh’, which quickly turned into a joyous dance.

A special thank you was given to the hosts, shluchim Rabbi Levi and Zalman Sudak, who hosted the event in their beautifully adorned marquee at Chabad Edgware.

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