60 Receive Smicha and Dayanus at Chag Hasmicha

Over 60 talmidim of the acclaimed Smicha program Machon Lehoraa Online Smicha, run by Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm, received their Smicha and Dayanus certificates, recognizing and rewarding their hard work and excellent knowledge of Halacha.

Over the last few months, Machon Lehoraa Online Smicha hosted a series of events around the world to recognize and award their talmidim upon the completion of their Smicha and Dayanus studies and excelling in their knowledge and tests.

The events, taking place in New York, Israel, and California, were attended by family members, friends, and Rabbonim who came to show respect for the Torah learning and efforts of these individuals.

Machon Lehoraa Online Smicha was established 15 years ago by Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm and has provided hundreds with the opportunity to learn Halacha at a high level while maintaining a busy schedule. The program offers courses in Smicha, Dayanus, and other Halacha topics in a structured and interactive way.

To learn more about the programs offered or to register, visit smicha.com.

Many of the talmidim shared their experience of learning with the program, the satisfaction it had brought to their professional life and growth in the world of Torah and personal lives that they had experienced. One such, Dr. Daniel Ganjian, a pediatrician in Los Angeles, emphasized the fact that every break during the day he has is completely dedicated to learning and how his doctor’s office became a host of many Halacha Seforim for himself. Another talmid, Menachem Hershkop, shared the advantage he had seen with having the structure of learning and lively interactive Shiurim while being in Yeshiva.

Many Rabbonim came to express the importance of adding in Torah and Halacha learning and recognize the efforts of these talmidim. Amongst the Rabbonim who came: Rabbi Avraham Hertz of Bensonhurst, Rabbi Chaim Shlomo Segal of Lubavitch Kosher, Rabbi Chaim Fogelman and Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld of OK Kosher, Rabbi Yosef Schusterman of Chabad of Beverly Hills, Rabbi Ezra Schochet, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon Chabad of Los Angeles, Rabbi Yaakov Barber of Sydney Bais Din, Rabbi Shaya Gedalya Kaufman of Krula Bais Din, Rabbi Sholom Shuchat of Kollel Lehoraa Maasis, and many others.

For more information and for upcoming classes and for any other questions, visit onlinesmicha.com or email [email protected]

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