60 Jewish Schools Compete in Paris Rambam Chidon

For the ninth consecutive year, Tzivos Hashem France organized the Chidon for all Jewish schools in France. The Chidon culminated in an award ceremony for the winners to collect their prizes.

Throughout the year, kids were able to study the Rambam’s mitzvos in depth, using a book specially published for the occasion, in order to unite around the study that the Rebbe established.

This year, over 1,400 children from 60 Jewish schools in France took part in the project. The kids had four major exams throughout the year to test their knowledge.

On Sunday, 1 Sivan, the prize-giving party for the winners of the competition took place at the Casino de Paris. More than 1,500 children and their parents from all over France took part in the event, which included a beautiful prize-giving ceremony, a memorable Kinus, and an exceptional concert by the star Simcha Friedman, who came from Israel for the occasion, accompanied by Yossef Brami and his orchestra.

The event also included an innovative quiz called “Genius of Mitzvot”. The kids proved thier impressive knowledge of the subjects. Several Rabbanim, school principals and educational leaders honored the Chidon party with their presence, including Rabbi Michel Gugenheim, Chief Rabbi of Paris, Rav Levi Yitz’hak Kahn from Vaad Rabanaei Lubavitch France, Mr. Patrick Petit-Ohayon, FSJU’s Director, and many others.

The event was broadcast live on the Tzivos Hashem website to over 1,500 homes! Live broadcasts were also made to provincial schools that were not able to attend the event physically.

Each of the 1,400 Chidon contestants received a gift in recognition of their efforts. The best students received the Chidon “Prestige Box” with numerous gifts, including the exclusive Chidon Sweater.

The gold trophy went to Ari Afriat from Heikhal Menahem Paris, who won a flight ticket to New York, to the Rebbe. The silver trophy went to Anna Bensoussan from Yabné, Paris and Neoraye Gamrasni – AJJ, Paris, who won a Shabbos candlestick and a silver Kiddush cup. Lastly, the bronze trophy went to Moche Leib Sebag from Cheder, Paris, who won a magnificent set of books.

In addition, a draw among the finalists resulted in an extra flight ticket to the Rebbe. The winner was Reouven Stioui from the Sinai school in Paris.

This great competition would not have been possible without the involvement of the principals, the teachers, the Tzivos Hashem leaders in each school, and, of course, the parents, who tirelessly encouraged their children to achieve this extraordinary result.

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