6-Year-Old Creates Daily Rambam Video in Yiddish and English

Six-year-old Mendel from Miami, Florida wanted to inspire other kids to love learning Sefer Hamitzvos as much as he does, so he created a short and cute video on the day’s shiur in two languages.

The siyum Harambam was quickly approaching and a young Lubavitcher boy in Miami, FL was wondering what he could do take his daily learning of Sefer Hamitzvos to the next level. How could he inspire other kinderlach to love and enjoy learning Sefer Hamitzvos as much as he does?

Inspired by Chitas for Kids, MyMaor, and the Project Likkutei Sichos videos for kids, Mendel D was inspired to create a short daily (and cute!) video on the day’s shiur. Mendel then told his father that perhaps not everyone watching understands English so he will create a daily Yiddish video as well.

Mendel D hopes, in his words, “that these videos will help chayolim around the world fulfill the daily mission of learning Sefer Hamitzvos and also finish the whole sefer to give the Rebbe so much nachas.”

The daily videos can be viewed on the YouTube channel Mendel D, on 613Tube by searching Mendel D, or message “join” on Whatsapp to 786-496-2810.


YouTube player
YouTube player

Click here to watch all Sefer Hamitzvos video’s on Mendel’s YouTube channel.

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