Thousands to Participate in Dvar Malchus Learning Program

Communities, schools, yeshivas and individuals from around the world have committed to learn the sichos of kovetz D’var Malchus between the 15th of Iyar and Gimmel Tammuz. The “Tut Altz” team has prepared learning materials for every level.

A brand new documentary, six unique learning tracks geared for all ages, and a content packed website, are just some of resources being put out by the Merkos 302 Moshiach Office for project “It’s Time To Know”.

While the attention to detail in the marketing and curricula is indeed impressive, the true testament to the sheer scope of this project is in the reach and impact.

“As more and more communities from around the world join in with their commitments to this project,” explains Rabbi Mendel Chaiton, director of the “Tut Altz” initiative, “It is as though a map of the world is being ignited in place after place with the power of Achdus and Limud Inyonei Geulah U’Moshiach.”

It is amazing to see the passion being displayed by Chassidim of all ages across the entire world. To date over 5,000 individuals have signed up and committed to learning the sichos of kovetz D’var Malchus.

On every continent, Anash Shuls and communities have scheduled group learning sessions and classes on multiple levels, accommodating every learning style and need.

Yeshiva bochurim in tens of Mesivtas and Zals are ready to participate, doing their part to respond to the Rebbe’s call of ‘Tut Altz’.

Schools for all ages are making plans to teach, share and include their students in the initiative.

“In a unique moment such as this, it is extremely powerful that our children can join hand in hand with the adults.” Explains Mrs. Lerman, Schools liaison for the Moshiach office, “I am excited to see the way the children’s curriculum will be received. It is truly one of a kind!”

The “It’s Time To Know” initiative has only one objective: To inspire more and more individuals to join. There is no maximum capacity. There is no entrance fee. 

Join now at and visit the website for all the materials and updates.

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