53-Year-Old Response from the Rebbe Discovered and Published

A lengthy response from the Rebbe to Reb Yoel Kahn on a ‘likkut’ from 5730, which was meant to be developed into a likkut of its own, was discovered after 53 years, and published in honor of Yud Alef Nissan.

For those who have had the privilege of experiencing or hearing about the excitement among Anash and Bochurim whenever a fresh ‘Likkut’ of the Rebbe’s sichos was released, the past few days provided an opportunity to relive that same sensation.

Here’s what happened:

A ‘likkut’ was prepared for Shabbat Parshas Vayikra 5730 (from the Rebbe’s farbrengen on Shabbat Parshas Vayikra 5725, later published in Likkutei Sichos, Volume 7 Page 20), in which Reb Yoel Kahn, who led the writing, editing, and distribution of the Rebbe’s Sichos since the summer of 5710, wanted to clarify a specific point in the sicha. As usual, he submitted a note with his question to the Rebbe through the Mazkirus.

The Rebbe devoted precious time to write a long and thorough response, including pointers that required further elaboration and research, so that the team could review and prepare it for publication on a separate occasion. However, due to the immense workload of publishing the Rebbe’s sichos, this note was put aside and was only recently discovered — 53 years later, in a fascinating Hashgacha Pratis!

Immediately, the editorial team at Lahak Hanochos, led by Reb Menachem Mendel Kaplan, sat down to study the relevant sugya in depth and deciphered every word and letter of the Rebbe’s answer, preparing a new likkut for publication as per the Rebbe’s directives.

Now, in honor of Yud Alef Nissan 5783, Shnas Hakhel, the Rebbe’s 121st birthday, a beautiful likkut has been released. First, presenting the Rebbe’s words in the original form, followed by the likkut itself in the classic format of Likkutei Sichos.

In the ‘Bein Hazmanim’ Yeshivos around the world, bochurim immediately settled down to study the new likkut with their Roshei Yeshivah and Mashpiim, and in shuls all over, Anash have begun studying it enthusiastically — thankful for the wondrous discovery and with the sincere hope that we will merit the Rebbe’s full haga’ah on the sicha, with the coming of Moshiach.

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