500 Locations in New York Need Volunteers for Mivtza Shofar

Mivtza Shofar – 770 will once again be assigning hundreds of locations for mivtzoim on both days of Rosh Hashana, and your help is needed. Here’s how you can take part.

Message from Mivtza Shofar – 770:

Our Goal: Every Jew Should Hear Shofar

This Rosh Hashana all Anash and bachurim are requested to come from 7:00 am and on to 770 on both days of Rosh Hashana to be assigned a place for mivtza shofar.

We have prepared packets ready for each group with detailed instructions and printed maps with directions to each destination.

There are close to 500 places including hospitals, senior centers, nursing homes, assisted living, private homes, shopping hubs, busy intersections etc.

Important: Only vaccinated individuals will be allowed into hospitals and nursing homes. Those who are vaccinated should please bring along their vaccine card and a valid ID.

We will also assign apartment buildings in Kensington, Flatbush and Starrett City in conjunction with the shluchim of those areas.

We are counting on you to make this mivtza a success! 

Places will be assigned from 7:00-9:30 AM and again from after mussaf until 5:45 PM.

Please come to the entrance of 770.   

With blessings for a Ksiva Vachasima Tova Leshana Tova Umesuka and we should all merit to hear the shofar of Moshiach this year,

Rabbis Moshe Pesach Goldman, Kasriel B. Kastel, and Menachem N. Gerlitzky

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