500 Camp HASC Staff Gifted Pocket Sha’ar HaBitachon

Each of the 500 Camp HASC staff were gifted their own copy of the new Sha’ar HaBitachon compact addition, generously sponsored by Zalman and Mimi Fellig of Miami Beach, Florida.

They are special souls, with a special mission.

People who meet them refer to them as angels, Mal’ochim, for these individuals embody and imbue such extraordinary, exemplary doses of chesed and compassion, that it’s other-worldly. In truth, however, they are higher than angels, because they’re channeling this on earth, in our complicated human world, which is a greater challenge than up in Heaven.


No, we’re not referring to the Special Needs campers – they, we already know, are special souls.

We’re talking about the HASC counselors. The Staff.

We’re talking about extraordinary individuals who selflessly dedicate their summers to be attentive to the needs of the Special Souls in special bodies.

This “job” is not for everyone. It’s a challenge for a select few – approximately 500 Special Souls of Klal Yisroel – who are in a league of their own, when it comes to Chesed.

Camp HASC, in their effort to nurture the nurturers, provides thoughtful staff programming, and ongoing training to ensure a complete experience of personal and spiritual growth for the staff. They even have a special Beis Medrash program geared for these Special Souls.

This year, HASC’s team of Special Souls, these human angels, were gifted something special. Each of the 500+ staff received their own copy of the new Fellig edition of “Gate of Trust” / Sha’ar HaBitachon Compact Edition. 

The gift was made possible through the generosity of Zalman and Mimi Fellig of Miami Beach, Florida.

Produced by Chayenu and published in partnership with Kehot in 2021, the newly translated Gate of Trust with a fresh commentary culled from Chasidus, has been creating a revolution in the Jewish world, flying off the shelves in Judaica bookstores the world over.

With over 30,000 copies printed (!), this book is something special.

Although it was released during Covid, when having a roadmap for increasing one’s Bitachon (trust in Hashem) was a timely urgency, it has continued to prove its relevance and life-transformative power, for the every day, and every person.

The newly-released soft cover Compact Edition was made possible by a grant from Getzy and Alisa Fellig of Coconut Grove, Florida, Howard and Claire Glowinsky of Toronto, Canada  and Aryeh & Chana Pels of Johannesburg, South Africa.

“The wondeful staff of Camp HASC are all infused with tremendous emunah and bitachon”, says Zalman Fellig, “that they can help these Special children reach their greatest potential and bring out the essence of their neshomos! 

They inspired us with their beliefs to give them this Sefer”.

To get your own copy of the newly produced soft cover, Compact Edition of Shaar Habitachon / Gate of Trust, so that you can take it with you on the go, visit Kehot.com

For online study tools in The Gate of Trust, video classes and more visit GateofTrust.org


Chayenu, the organization which produced this edition of Sha’ar HaBitachon with Chasidic commentary, publishes a weekly Torah study booklet (Hebrew/English) with a wide collection of daily/weekly learning, from over a dozen publishers in the Torah world. To learn more visit Chayenu.org

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