50-Volume Sets of Sichos Kodesh Cross the Ocean

An eagerly awaited shipment of newly reprinted 50-volume sets of Sichos Kodesh is sailing across the ocean. It is due to arrive at New York’s port next week.

Sailing through the peaceful waters of the Panama Canal, the Liberian ship “Hyundai Ambition” contains a unique and historic load: the newly reprinted 50-volume sets of Sichos Kodesh.

The ship is due to dock at New York’s port next week, ahead of its unloading and distribution immediately after Pesach.

As American anash impatiently await the sets, their Australian counterparts are already farbrenging with theirs, after receiving them earlier this week at Melbourne’s Chai Books.

One Sydney shliach told organizers, “Just last night, I opened up my Sichos Kodesh and learned an entire farbrengen while listening along. I was very much reminded of my days in Yeshiva.”

A Melbourne-Sydney farbrengen in honor of Yud Alef Nissan is in the plans, where the newly acquired sets will come to good use.

For more info please visit SK890.org

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