50 Shluchos Need Help Paying for Flights

There are tens of shluchos who, desperately needing the chizuk, borrowed extensively to travel to the Kinus and need help paying the expenses of the trip. Please contribute to help them.

The Kinus HaShluchos banquet is tonight and the Shluchos are enjoying a well-deserved and much-needed break and gaining lots of rejuvenation and inspiration from the many fantastic workshops and programs. Many Shluchos borrowed extensively to purchase flights and need your assistance to pay. The Kinus Travel Fund has undertaken to provide 50 Shluchos from Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Russia, and Ukraine with $500 grants.

Thanks to you, in November we assisted a staggering 200 Shluchim with travel grants. This Kinus HaShluchos we are limiting the number of grants to 50 because a similar (but separate) initiative led by Devorah Bush and her fellow Shluchos has already helped many Shluchos.

Your donation of any amount is hugely appreciated. Every gift helps another Shlucha enjoy the Kinus without the anxiety of debt. Every penny raised is used towards purchasing partial or full tickets for our fellow Shluchos that are unable to financially manage this on their own.

Shluchos who have not received help from either fund should send a WhatsApp to (863) 777-0136.

Please give today at kinusfund.com

Other methods:

Zelle: [email protected]

Cash App: $ChabadL

Venmo: venmo.com/ChabadL

PayPal: [email protected]

Thank you,
Rabbi Moshe Lazaros
Kinus Travel Fund

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