50 Beautiful Watches Being Raffled at Global Avos Ubanim

A mega raffle drawing of 50 watches will be held for boys around the world who sign up before Shabbos and join this week’s Avos Ubanim program.

The innovative “Father and Son” program unites boys grades 1-8 around the world in learning over Shabbos/Motzei Shabbos, in their homes or shuls, with their fathers and mastering their class study. 

This week (Parshas Mishpatim) in honor of Mevorchim Adar, a generous donor has stepped up to the plate. Sign up before this Shabbos and enter a mega raffle to win one of fifty beautiful watches!

“The Mivtza is contagious,” said Mrs L. of Los Angeles, “My 5th-grade son Levi joined and that enticed his 2nd-grade brother, to join, and then a neighbor, a cousin and a friend!”

Thanks to Igud Hamelamdim’s Worldwide Avos Ubanim At-Home or In Shul initiative, Levi and over 500 boys and their parents globally are enjoying Avos Ubanim, via joining our exciting program which rewards them with sensational prizes and empowers them with the feel-good vibe of being part of a global program.

Since the launch of Igud Hamelamdim’s global Avos Ubonim just over 2 months ago, hundreds of boys from over 35 yeshivos worldwide have joined. Some don’t live near an Avos Ubonim Shul program, while others learn in a local Shul program.

Boys already attending a local program are also encouraged to join, since this program rewards learning “Bifnim” – inside the text – a learning skill that boys will use for years to come. And it helps the boys retain and remember what he learned.

The excitement and feedback from parents and their children alike are remarkable. Fathers are finding gratification in bonding with their children through learning Torah. “As a father to 3 Cheder age boys, I highly recommend this program. Boys are very motivated to do it and we as parents are getting an extra dose of Nachas.” enthuses a Toronto father. 

This from a mother in Florida: “Our son is one of the winners, and I need to thank you tremendously. He is not driven to learn extra at this time, and we are very grateful that this encourages him to learn over shabbos/Motzei Shabbos.“

A mother in London shared this: “With so many people and kids attached to gadgets, I was so happy to see a program that encourages learning from inside a Sefer. Thank you so much!” 

Sign up here!

Thank you to Pinchus Chein of Chein Insurance Agency, Inc. for the sponsorship. Tel: 718-799-5602

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