48 Speakers, 24 Hours on Moshiach

The global Lubavitch community is gearing up for an unprecedented event scheduled for on 28 Nissan. For 24 consecutive hours, 48 internationally acclaimed speakers will lead an online Farbrengen for the global Anash community focusing on one unified message.

The global Lubavitch community is gearing up for an unprecedented event scheduled to take place on 28 Nissan, April 10th. 

For twenty-four consecutive hours and spanning fifteen time zones, forty-eight internationally acclaimed speakers will lead a Farbrengen via Zoom for the global Anash community focusing on one unified message.

Chof Ches Nissan 5781 marks 30 years since the Rebbe delivered the ‘famous Sicha’, a term the Rebbe later used in reference to this, in which the Rebbe charged his chassidim with the ultimate task of doing all they can to bring Moshiach “Tut Altz Vos Ir Kent Tzu Brengin Moshiach Tzidkeinu Bipoel Mamesh”.

The online Farbrengen is being organized by the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302. Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, executive director of Merkos 302, shares the significance of this opportunity. “It was on this day that the Rebbe gave the task of bringing Moshiach to each Chossid. 30 years later it is only appropriate that we commit ourselves to reconnect to our core mission and focus, to live Moshiach’diker lives and do all we can to make it happen!”

The common theme that will be addressed by this Farbrengen is educating and inspiring ourselves and our families about the Rebbe’s call of Moshiach’s imminent arrival in our generation and what active steps we can take to make this a reality.

“This theme is most crucially needed,” says Rabbi Shlomie Naparstek, Director of the Moshiach Office, “‘Do everything’ is indeed the largest demand in scale, by far, that the Rebbe charged us with. Where does one begin?”

“Well, regardless of the many potential paths there may be to execute the mission to completion (bringing Moshiach to the world), everyone knows where the mission ought to begin – it must start right at home, preparing ourselves and our families through education and inspiration.”

The Farbrengen will be lead by 48 leading Rabbonim, Mashpiim and Shluchim from around the world (see full list below). Anash communities across the globe are in the midst of preparing local gatherings to watch the online Farbrengen together.

“The more I learn Rebbe’s Torah, the more I recognize that bringing the Geulah is the core of the Rebbe’s Nesius and all of his various Mivtzoim and campaigns,” says Mr. Josh Goldhirsch, a businessman, member of the Anash community in Melbourne, Australia and visionary of this event.

“Thirty years ago, the Rebbe told us that he is now giving this over to us. Now is the time. Let’s connect with our brethren in this worldwide Achdus and fulfill the dream that our nation has had for the last 2,000 years!”

Every single member of Anash is invited to partake in this Farbrengen. An opportunity not to be missed.

48 Farbrengers. 24 hours. ONE MESSAGE.

Running time: Motzei Shabbos 28 Nissan (April 10) 9:30pm EST – Sunday 29 Nissan 9:30pm EST.

For more information about arranging a local gathering in your shul or community, contact us by email at [email protected].

A full schedule of the Farbrengin will be available online after Pesach at tutaltz.com.

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