48-Hour Raisethon Campaign Launches for Mitzvah Tank Parade

The countdown has begun for the highly anticipated Mitzvah Tank Parade, and a 48-hour Raisethon campaign kicks off today to support the inspiring parade and help them reach thousands of Yidden.

The countdown has begun for the highly anticipated Mitzvah Tank Parade, scheduled for Thursday, March 30th, Ches Nissan. With less than two weeks remaining, the excitement is palpable as Yeshivos from around the globe prepare to participate in this momentous Parade. In light of Hakhel, the Mitzvah Tank Office has moved the parade to a few days earlier this year, ensuring maximum exposure and impact.

To support this inspiring Parade, a 48-hour Raisethon campaign kicks off today, running from now until Friday at noon. This crucial fundraising effort aims to gather the necessary funds to ensure the parade’s success and provide matzah to thousands of Yidden for Pesach.

The Mitzvah Tank Parade has long been a symbol of unity and love for the Rebbe, as well as an opportunity to share the joy and message of Pesach with people from all walks of life. With the parade date fast approaching, the Raisethon campaign is a critical component of the preparations, and the community’s support is essential.

Every contribution, big or small, will help make the Mitzvah Tank Parade and ensure that countless individuals are touched by its powerful message.

With just 48 hours to reach the campaign’s goal, now is the time for everyone to show their support and contribute to this uplifting event. As the clock ticks down, the anticipation for the Mitzvah Tank Parade grows, promising a vibrant display of Achdus and a testament to the love for the Rebbe.

To participate in the 48-hour Raisethon campaign, visit TankParade.com and make a donation. Share the campaign with friends, family, and social media networks to help spread awareness and reach the fundraising goal. Together, we can ensure that the Mitzvah Tank Parade is a resounding success and a truly unforgettable experience for all involved.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, March 30th, Ches Nissan, and join the community in celebrating the power of unity and the spirit of Pesach as the Mitzvah Tank Parade brings light, inspiration, and tradition to the streets. Your support today will help make a lasting impact, ensuring the Mitzvah Tank Parade continues to uplift and inspire for years to come.

Participate today at:

והוא יוליכנו בטנקים לארצינו, יבוא ויגאלנו!

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