45 Second ‘Power-Farbrengens’ Will Keep You Focused

A new series of daily videos in anticipation of 28 Nissan will bring you inspirational and motivational messages will help keep you focused on the Rebbe’s marching orders for our generation.

You’ve heard of a power-nap. Well, now it’s time to tune into the Power-Farbrengen!

In the smartphone age, when life is moving increasingly faster, pausing to refocus your mind on the big picture – for a lengthy duration – is just not possible. Keeping your mind on the goal is difficult in the grind of daily life.

That’s why the new daily Power-Farbrengens released by Tut Altz can be just the thing you need.

“Tut Altz,” a branch of the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302, develops multifaceted programs focused on inspiring and educating Chassidim about the core purpose of our unique generation.

At its grand launch just under a year ago, 28 Nissan 5751, Tut Altz hosted its first Mega Farbrengen, spanning 24 hours. 56 Speakers spoke about the importance of educating and inspiring Chassidim in the  global Lubavitch community regarding the core mission of bringing Moshiach.

Now, just under 30 days to 28 Nissan 5782, Tut Altz is releasing a new series of 30-45 second short “Power-Farbrengens”, culled from that Mega Farbrengen, to help keep you focused on the Rebbe’s marching orders.

Hear inspirational and motivational messages from world-renowned rabbonim, shluchim, and mashpiim. Just a quick thought to fuel your day – and to forward to a friend or two to invigorate theirs as well.

“The Power-Farbrengens aren’t just essential reminders of who and what we are, but they’re a call to action,” says Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, executive director of Merkos 302.

According to Rabbi Mendy Rubenfeld, Shliach in San Diego, California, who receives the videos on the Moshiach Office Broadcast, the Power-Farbrengens aren’t just about connecting to the message; they are about connecting to the Rebbe: “The Farbrengens infuse my day with the urgency and passion that the Rebbe himself constantly radiated and impressed upon us.”

To receive these daily videos, sign up for the Moshiach Office broadcast at: TutAltz.com/broadcast

Below are a few samples of the Power-Farbrengens:

Reach out even to the farthest Yid – By Rabbi Berel Lazar

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It’s An Identity Thing -By Rabbi Ari Shishler

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