36 Years Later, Bochur Follows In Grandfather’s Footsteps

Thirty six years after Harav Avrohom Boruch Pevzner compiled the Rebbe’s chiddushim on Hilchos Beis Habechira, his grandson prepared a new Moshiach study curriculum that will be used in Chabad communities around the world. Download here.

As we near the Three Weeks — which will very soon be transformed into joyous days — what comes to everyone’s mind is the Rebbe’s call to increase in the study of Beis Hamikdash-related subjects. As they do annually, the Central Lubavitch Youth Organization is gearing up with a host of activities and resources to make the Rebbe’s wish easier to apply in practice. This year comes with exciting innovations that aim to broaden the number of participants and add enthusiasm in this special initiative.

A new study booklet has been produced especially for the learning, which includes Hilchos Beis Habechirah of the Rambam, chapters from Yechezkel that describe the Third Beis Hamikdash, along with the Masechtos of Tamid and Midos from Mishnayos. All of these texts are newly typeset in clear lettering, together with the standard commentaries, as generously provided by Vaad Lahafotzas Sichos for the benefit of the public.

The primary novelty in the new edition produced for this year’s Beis Hamikdash study is the emphasis on providing tools to make the Rambam’s words as accessible and understood as possible. After the tzuras hadaf section, Hilchos Beis Habechira is reproduced with nekudos. On the bottom of the page is a compilation of the Rebbe’s sichos relevant to the simple understanding of Rambam.

Another column, named “Likutei Rambam,” contains excerpts drawn from other places in Mishneh Torah and the Rambam’s other seforim that help elucidate concepts he discusses here. There are also references of sources (with excerpts of the source texts quoted in full) and notations of textual variances, along with concise explanatory comments to assist in understanding the Rambam.

This booklet was compiled by Hatomim Menachem Mendel (son of Shmuel) Pevzner. His grandfather, Horav Avrohom Boruch Pevzner, has been actively involved for decades in the Rebbe’s mivtzoim related to the Three Weeks, and merited to compile the sefer Hilchos Beis Habechirah Im Chidushim Ubiurim, which brought the Rebbe much nachas, and about which the Rebbe commented that it is “a very nice sefer.”

To order the booklet in bulk for yeshivos and camps, please contact [email protected]

Another helpful tool is the Beis Hamikdash Academy, which provides clear visual presentations on the halachos. Many of the concepts are more easily grasped in this manner, as Chazal teach us, “Hearing something doesn’t compare to seeing it.” The visual course was produced by Rabbi Chananya Yisroel Hakohen Hoffinger, founder of Gemara Academy, which uses an innovative method and curriculum to teach Gemara.

This visual course is accessible at Beishamikdashacademy.com

The Central Lubavitch Youth Organization is working with local shuls to arrange evenings of study, when the presentations will be screened with explanatory narration by Rabbi Hoffinger. This is in addition to daily shiurim on the halachos that have been organized in many of the Crown Heights shuls, evenings of study for women, and a Kinus Torah symposium on these subjects. 

We sincerely hope and pray that even before the Three Weeks begin, we will see with our eyes the Third Beis Hamikdash, and the period of mourning will be transformed to days of joy, with the immediate coming of Moshiach.

The new study booklet is provided below for downloading and printing.

Click here to download the new Kovetz for free.

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