30 Days to 11 Nissan, Ohr Vechom Launches Hachana

As Chassidim around the world prepare spiritual gifts for the Rebbe for Yud Alef Nissan, Vaad Or Vechom Hahiskashrus presents a collection of resources to assist in the preparations.

Throughout the years, Chassidim would spend months preparing to give a befitting present to the Rebbe in honor of Yud Alef Nissan. The Rebbe appreciated the gifts, thanking those who brought or sent them, both by letter and during the Farbrengen, wishing them the fulfillment of their heart’s desires. 

During the Farbrengen of Purim 5732, the Rebbe spoke of his preferred birthday gift, “Now is the time to make clear, first and foremost the emphasis should be on Inyanim of Torah. And not through Tzedaka for those learning Torah and Torah institutions, although Tzedaka is also commendable and brings down many great Brochos, rather by actually learning Torah… In other words, plain and simply said, those who wish to give presents, and no-one is required to do so, should add in Torah… Although in general one cannot make conditions on a gift, the whole point is to give Nachas Ruach, [so I am making clear what I prefer].”

As Chassidim around the world diligently prepare Matanos for the Rebbe in anticipation of Yud Alef Nissan, with only 30 days remaining, Vaad Or Vechom Hahiskashrus is pleased to present a collection of resources to assist you in your preparations. Visit OrVechom.com/11Nissan to explore Sichos, articles in English and Hebrew, videos of Chassidishe Farbrengenscommunity resourceschild-friendly materials, and much more!

The Most Ideal Gift For The Rebbe’s Birthday (Jewish Educational Media)

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