3 New Lights of Chassidus in Honor of Hey Teves

As we approach this year’s Hey Teves, we find a special emphasis on new sefarim being published on Tanya with three seforim on Tanya being printed in just the past weeks.

As we approach this year’s Hey Teves we find a special emphasis on new sefarim being published on Tanya. This reflects the recent wave of learning Tanya the world over including in many non Chabad circles. Three of the new sefarim that appear on Tanya are:

1. Chassidus Mivueres by Rabbi Leibel Altein published by Heichal Menachem

2. Otzar Peirushim Al HaTanya by Rabbi Elie Matusof

3. Mesilos Besefer HaTanya (2 volumes) by Rabbi Pinchas Friedman, the Rosh Yeshiva of the Belz Kollel in Israel Published by the Chassidus of Belz.

Mashpiim and those who study Tanya have received these sefarim with great enthusiasm. Rabbi Yitzchok Yehuda Yaruslavsky, head of Bais Din Rabbanei Chabad in Eretz Yisrael remarked about the Sefer Otzar Peirushim Al HaTanya, “This is a Sefer that incorporates many explanations from various sources and levels. It is useful for every individual because every person can find explanations that appeal to his level of understanding Tanya.”

Rabbi Mendel Vechter, Mashpia of Nachlas Har Chabad expressed admiration for the monumental work involved in Otzar Peirushim Al HaTanya, and commented, “Every Maggid Shiur will need to study this Sefer before presenting a shiur in Tanya since this book collects all the interpretations that exist on each line of Tanya.”

The Sefer Mesilas Besefer Hatanya was warmly received by the Belzer Rebbe who extended many brachos to the author for his big Zchus in participating in the Hafatzos Hamaayonos of the Baal Shem Tov Chutza.”

Below are pictures of the Belzer Rebbe receiving the Sefer Mesilos Besefer HaTanya and Rabbanim Mashpiim looking into the new sefer Otzar Peirushim Al HaTanya.

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