28 Versions of the Rebbe’s Letter for Chanukah 5748

Many times, the Rebbe would send a michtav kloli-proti – a letter with a general text, but with additions for many of the recipients. A new booklet collects 28 of such letters from Chanukah 5748. 

By Anash.org reporter

A new booklet compiles 28 versions of the Rebbe’s michtav kloli-proti for Chanukah 5748.

Many times, the Rebbe would have the secretariat prepare a general text to respond to all those who sent letters during a certain period. Those letters, which would often have a few words added for the particular recipient, were called michtovim klolim-proti’im.

Chanukah 5748 was one such time. Before Chanukah, a suggested text was submitted to the Rebbe, who edited it and added a few lines regarding Hakhel and 5748 – “shnas tismach“.

In honor of Chanukah this year, which is likewise a Chanukah of a Hakhel year, a booklet was published with 28 versions of the michtav kloli-proti, each with an addition, many of them in the Rebbe’s handwriting.

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