28 Sivan Then and Now (1941-2021) – The Mission of the Day

Learn how, 80 years since Chof Ches Sivan 1941, America has become a powerful source of Hafatzas HaMaayanos for the entire world. 

When the Frierdiker Rebbe declared that “America is Nisht Andersht,” few could imagine what a bastion of hafatza would shine forth from the shores of the new home of Chabad Chassidus.

Now, 80 years later, America has become a source of incredible Hafatza of Torah and Chassidus. Sefarim, books and multimedia are being produced every single day and are spread throughout the world. In a Sicha from Parshas Shelach, 1986, the Rebbe proclaimed that the mission of the day of Chof Ches Sivan is to get involved in Hafatzas Hamaayanos and the spreading of Chassidus.

Machon Or HaChassidus is an organization that is dedicated to spreading the light of Chassidus through its many publications, activities and events. 

In the past year, Machon Or HaChassidus has seen tremendous growth and their daily and weekly publications alone have been read and enjoyed by tens of thousands of readers around the globe.

Likras Shabbos, their flagship publication, is a hebrew pamphlet that is distributed weekly and contains insights and inspiration into the weekly Parsha as explained in the Rebbe’s sichos.

Light Points is a daily publication that features a relevant, timely lesson on the Parsha or current events. The Lightpoints segments are all sichos of the Rebbe written in an easy to read manner, and have been compiled into the best selling book, Lightpoints

Life Points, a brand new project that was produced, together with Sichos in English, in honor of Gimmel Tammuz is a daily letter of the Rebbe sent directly to your phone or inbox! The letters are translated into English and contain valuable, timeless life lessons from the Rebbe’s responsa. 

Today, you can partner with Machon Or HaChassidus in their incredible efforts of Hafatzas HaMaayanos.

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If you would like to receive any of these publications to your phone or inbox, email Or HaChassidus at [email protected]

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