25th Yahrzeit of Legendary Shliach Marked in Tzfas

Dozens of anash and bochurim marked the 25th yahrzeit of legendary Tzfas Shliach Rabbi Leibel Kaplan at his kever, and later with the dedication of a new hall in memory of the Rebbe’s brother.

It has been a quarter century since the tragic passing of legendary Tzfas Shliach Rabbi Leibel Kaplan, but his work in developing the Chabad mosdos in Tzfas was strongly felt this past week.

Rabbi Kaplan was sent by the Rebbe on shlichus to Tzfas in 5733, and threw all his energy into growing the Chabad community and institutions in the city. On 16 Iyar, 5758, he was tragically killed in a car accident

Marking his 25th yahrzeit, dozens of anash and bochurim joined his family at his kever in the historic cemetery of Tzfas, where they recited the customary Tehillim and tefillos.

Later that day, and event was held to mark the yahrzeit, together with the dedication of a new hall in memory of the Rebbe’s brother, R’ Yisroel Aryeh Leib Schnerson, who is buried in the same cemetery as Rabbi Kaplan.

The hall was dedicated by the philanthropist Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Gutnick from Melbourne, Australia, who had, decades previously, dedicated the Tzfas shul in memory of the Rebbe’s father Harav Levi Yiztchok, and dedicated the Tzfas Mikvah in memory of Rebbetzin Chana, the Rebbe’s mother.

The event was presided over by Rabbi Kaplan’s son and successor Rabbi Chaim Kaplan, and began with the unveiling of the hall’s dedication. Participants sent their warmest wishes to Rabbi Gutnick that he have much success in all his endeavors, and be able to continue supporting mosdos of Torah and chessed the world over, and especially in Tzfas.

At the event, a siyum hashas was held by Rabbi Kaplan’s eldest son, Rabbi Menachem Mandel Kaplan of Detroit, and siyumim on masechtos were held by his grandchildren

The seudas mitzvah was dedicated by brothers Rabbi Yechiel and Yochanan Polter, directors of the Beis Moshe Yerachmiel shul in Detroit, where Rabbi Menachem Mendel Kaplan serves as rov.

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