250 Crown Heights Families Need Your Help

For some families, the month of Tishrei doesn’t generate joy. It brings worry and stress. 250 families from Crown Heights are waiting for your help to ensure they have a happy and calm Yom Tov.

The month of Elul generates feelings of anticipation mixed with nerves, as mothers are graced with the hectic tasks for the busy Yom Tov season.

But for some, this month generates a different feeling: worry. There are many families who are not concerned with when they will complete their to-do lists, but how they will be able to confront them altogether. 

The anxiety is real; for many, this month is rife with worry, as desperate thoughts cloud the excitement that Yom Tov should bring on. “How will we make ends meet? How we will afford to put food on our Yom Tov table and beautiful clothes on our growing children?”

Baruch Hashem, for many years, Keren Anash has been able to give these families the beautiful Yom Tov experience that they deserved. This was made possible by the support of everyone in our community, giving what they could to put ‘Yom Tov Shopping’ on the to-do lists of many more Anash families. 

Rosh Hashana is now upon us. There’s less than one week left. 

Can you give these families joy and peace of mind this Yom Tov?

Click here to help them out: KerenAnash.com

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