250 Chabad Educators Attend 2-Day Annual Conference

Nearly 250 mechanchim from across America and three continents with most Lubavitcher mosdos represented, gathered for the two-day event at the Armon Hotel in Stamford CT.  

Rabbi Menachem Evers, a melamed in Amsterdam Holland doesn’t make the trip to New York often but he couldn’t resist attending the Kinus HaMechanchim.  Upon arriving home, he wrote: 

“This glorious and most beautiful Kinus HaMechanchim with it’s incredible design and implementation was truly received as an expression of Love, Respect and Dignity to the Mechanchim, Melamdim and to the holy work we do”.

He followed with a few words which encapsulate the experience.

“Your hard work and investment in the planning of this project was noticed in every one of it’s details. From the speakers, which were all super powerful and interesting to the delicious menu, abundant meals, snacks, comfortable lodging and everything in between. There is no feeling like a Melamed being respected and celebrated for the work they do. And you really accomplished that”. 

The Kinus HaMechanchim sponsored by the Merkos Chinuch Office headed by Rabbi Nochem Kaplan creates an atmosphere of warm collegiality and presents opportunities for mechanchim to talk chinuch without end.  The quality of the presentations is one of the hallmarks of the Kinus. 

Rabbi Kaplan quotes a note he received from the Rebbe regarding educational conferences:

“In general, my view (of such gatherings) is known. It is based upon the adage of our sages that the ultimate outcome (of the educational process) is its practical application.

One should teach students (in such a manner) that the (importance) of performing mitzvos becomes engrained within them, especially (doing) good deeds.  Included in this is (inculcating the importance of) diligent study of Torah”

Thus, the Kinus HaMechanchim program is practical in nature and seeks to address real concerns and make a real difference in classrooms across the country and beyond.

Rabbi Levi Heidingsfeld, from Sydney Australia reaction to Dr. A H Fried’s presentations was immediate:  Thank you for the incredible kinus and talk by Rabbi Fried.

I would like to use parts of Dr. Hershel Fried’spresentation to sell the importance of inculcating middos tovos, to the staff at my school. 

“I really gained a tremendous amount from all the sessions, especially Emotional Learning by Rabbi Dr. Fried, Inclusion Dr. Shagalow, and the novel approach to chinuch from Rabbi Jonathan Rietti, all this aside from dibuk chaveirim and the uplifting atmosphere” said R Rabbi Zalman Hendel, of Montreal.

Nearly 250 mechanchim form across America and three continents with most Lubavitcher mosdos represented, gathered for the two-day event at the Armon Hotel in Stamford CT.  

The Kinus was also addressed by Rabbi Nachman Y. Twersky, the veteran magid shiyur in Mesivta Oholei Torah and Rabbi M. Shlomo Kaplan presented a talk on the importance the Torah assigns to learning and teaching Torah.

A additional feature at this year’s kinus was a series of “best practice” presentation by a number of outstanding melamdim organized by Rabbi Yoel Vogel and Rabbi Avrohom Sherr, of the Lubavitcher Yeshiva on Crown Street.

Rabbi Berel Greenfeld  (Lubavitcher Yeshiva Ocean Parkway) presented to mechanchim of early grades, Rabbis Avrohom Sherr, and  Shmuel Kaufman TTL, Montreal,  and Eliezer Shaw, Cheder Lubavitch Arizona, presented to second and third grade melamdim. Rabbis Zelig Silber, Cheder Chabad, Monsey, Yosef Susskind, Cheder Lubavitch, Morristown, and Shmuel Litwin Louisville Jewish day School, presented on Classroom management to 4th and 5th grade melamdim and Rabbis Mendel Wienbaum, and Yoel Vogel both of the Lubavitcher Yeshiva Crown street, presented to middle school melamdim.

The more basic needs of mechanchim are not ignored either. Mr. Asher Lieblich, of Leiblich Financial Services   made a presentation regarding financial needs and planning. He of brought a colleague and the two of them spent hours counseling individual mechanchim regarding their finances. This was the second year Mr. Lieblich donated his time and expertise gratis.

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