250 Celebrate the New Year For Trees in Flanders, France

The Bais Chabad in Flanders, France held a grand Tu B’Shvat celebration with Rabbi Mendel Azimov and Rabbi Binyamin Mergui in attendance.

Hundreds of community members of Chabad of Flanders, France came to the grand Tu B’Shvat celebration event at the Chabad House. Everyone enjoyed special fruit for the yom tov and made a L’Chaim in honor of the auspicious day.

The event was sponsored by the Gabai, Mergui, and Lashkar families in honor of Aharon and Hendel Gabai. The crowd stayed and farbrenged together and heard inspiring divrei Torah about Tu B’Shvat.

In attendance were shluchim Rabbi Mendel Azimov and Rabbi Binyamin Mergui who added to the event with their honorary presence.

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