22,000 Pages Of Torah Printed In Kovtzim This Year

This year, over 60 Chabad yeshivos and communities around the world published over 200 kovtzim, with a grand total of over 22,000 pages of chidushei Torah printed. Now available online.

By Kovtzimdrive.com

This year, an unprecedented number of Kovtzei Haoros Ubiurim were printed. Over 60 yeshivos, organizations and Anash communities around the world published over 200 kovtzim, with a grand total of over 22,000 pages of chidushei Torah printed.

These kovtzim as well as thousands of kovtzim printed throughout the years can be viewed on kovtzimdrive.com, an online database dedicated to collecting and providing access to all kovtzei haoros which have been published to date.

The range of mosdos that participated varied from mesivtos, zals and kolalim, to chabad communities and shluchim around the world.

For some yeshivos, this year’s kovetz was their first, while for others it was the revival of an annual publication that had been discontinued years earlier. For yet others, the kovetz was the continuation of an undisturbed tradition for decades.

This year’s Yud Alef Nissan, marking the Rebbe’s 120th birthday, saw a historic amount of Kovtzim published. Temimim and Anash worldwide headed the Rebbe’s request for Seforim and Kovtzim to be printed in honor of this momentous day, publishing over 40 publications of their chidushei torah spanning more than 14,000 pages. Many prominent Rabonim of non-Lubavitch communities, from Chicago to Tel-Aviv, participated in these kovtzim as well, honoring the Rebbe with their chidushei Torah.

On hundreds of occasions the Rebbe requested of Bochrim and Anash to write chidushei Torah and print them in kovtzei Haoros. The main objective of these kovtzim was to bring vitality into a Chosid’s learning, and to empower him to discover a part of Torah which he could call his own. On numerous occasions the Rebbe revealed to us that the publication of these novel Torah thoughts actually hastens the coming of Moshiach and the revelation of the new aspects of Torah which will be revealed upon his arrival.

To ensure these kovtzim reach as many people as possible, we have launched a new initiative, where you can receive the new kovtzim as they come out by joining our new WhatsApp group, with new kovtzim posted weekly, accompanied by a short description of their content and newly released additions.


While we have done our best to gather these kovtzim there are still a few which we have not been able to acquire or are unaware of. We request of anyone who may have digital copies of kovtzim we are missing – from this year or of previous years – to please share them with us, enabling all to view and benefit from these precious publications.

To submit a Kovetz please contact us at [email protected].

To view all of this year’s kovtzim click here.


Yeshivos and organizations who have published kovtzim this year:

Crown Heights

770 – Haoros Hatmimim vAnash

770 – Beis Chayeinu

Oholei Torah – Haoros Ubiurim


Kolel Tiferes Shimshon

Oholei Torah Mesivtah

Oholei Torah Zal – Shiur Daled

Oholei Torah – Yeshivas Kayitz

Yeshiva at the Ohel







Flatbush – Kolel Ma’ayon Chai

Gan Yisroel, Michigan

Los Angeles

Miami – Mesivta

Miami – Zal


New Haven




Eretz Yisroel 



Beit Shemesh – Yeshiva Gedola

Beit Shemesh – Yeshiva Ketana

Beitar Illit

Kfar Chabad – Yeshiva Gedola

Kfar Chabad – Yeshiva Ketana

Kfar Chabad – Yeshivas Habucharim

Kfar Chabad – Beis Hora’ah

Kiryat Ata

Kiryat Gat

Kiryat Gat – Kolel Sha’arei Geulah


Migdal Haemek

Rishon Letzion



Toras Emes

Tzefas – Yeshivas ChCh”L

Tzefas – Kolel

Around the World

Brunoy, France

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lion, France

London, England

Melbourn, Australia

Montreal, Canada

Moscow, Russia

Toronto, Canada

International Kovtzim

Weekly kovetz in the Rebbe’s Torah

Haoros Ubiurim in the Rebbe’s torah

Einnemen Di Velt (Israeli yeshivos)

Halikut – Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim

Project Likkutei Sichos

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