21st Kinus HaMechanchim to Take Place This Summer

The 21st annual Kinus HaMechanchim will be held on Monday and Tuesday, 18 and 19 Menachem Av 2082, at the ARMON Hotel in Stamford CT.

The 21st annual Kinus HaMechanchim will be held on Monday and Tuesday 18 and 19 Menachem Av 2082, August 15th and 16th  at the ARMON Hotel in Stamford CT.

The Merkos Summer Chinuch Conferences have developed into an institution. Teachers and principals look forward with anticipation to attending the annual conferences. They come to listen, to discuss and to learn. They cherish the professionalism and the camaraderie; they are enamored of the fact that for 48 hours they are totally immersed in a world that is totally dedicated to education along with so many of their colleagues.

The Chinuch conferences are an opportunity to share and to explore what works and what’s new. Presentations are made, and papers are delivered, by some of the best nationally and internationally renowned professionals in the field. This summer’s Kinus will be the 21st  Kinus organized by the Merkos Chinuch Office and it will be outstanding. 

The professionalism at the conferences has been applauded by presenters, by the conferees even by the vendors and managers of the hotel. The caliber of the presenters and their presentation is outstanding, the organization and scheduling are carefully crafted and meticulously executed, it is no wonder that requests to be present have begun arriving not only from professionals in America but also from overseas.

In addition, teachers and principals are encouraged to explore ideas and their application and to write papers for presentation. Some teachers work hard to prepare a presentation about something special they are doing, others come and pose a dilemma or problem for their colleagues to discuss, regardless both come away enriched. The presenter will learn from his colleagues’ critiques what he might do better and the listeners are inspired by a new idea. 

The Kinus will be held at the Armon Hotel and conference center in Stamford CT. Just an hour from NY, the beautiful hotel is uniquely situated to accommodate travelers because of its proximity to the trains (less than an hour for Penn Station) and LaGuardia and Kennedy Airports. 

The conference will feature concurrent professional presentations to accommodate Early Childhood and primary education, and elementary schools. Regardless of what level a Mechanech is involved with, he will find substantive professional presentations and devoted to his interests. 

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