21 College Students Spend Winter Break at Crown Heights Yeshiva

Despite numerous early challenges, 21 students from across the United States and Canada joined Hadar Hatorah’s recent Winter YeshivaCation for ten days of learning and inspiration, and personal growth.

Hadar Hatorah’s recent Winter YeshivaCation was packed with students from all over the United States and Canada. Despite numerous challenges initially, the program turned out to be a tremendous success! Twenty-one students converged on Crown Heights for ten days of learning and inspiration…  and personal growth.

Yosef Tutora, a student from Arizona State summarized his experience, “The YeshivaCation program was amazing! It invigorated my Yiddishkeit and allowed me to come home refreshed and ready to spread the light of the Torah to all the Jews around me at university! It was an amazing and valuable way to spend university break! I loved being immersed in the Jewish life that Crown Heights has to offer. The radiant energy of 770 is like nowhere else, and the opportunity to go to the Ohel is something that I will always cherish.”

The program offered a full schedule of classes in Chassidus, Gemara, Halacha, and Jewish Philosophy, designed to cater to each student’s level of knowledge and observance. Classes were complemented by amazing guest speakers who spoke on a wide array of subjects. Guest speakers included:   Alumni Rabbi Shais Taub and Professor Binyomin Abrams, Rabbi Yossi Paltiel, Rabbi Levi Garelik, Rabbi Yisroel Fried, Rabbi Menachem Cadaner, and many more.

Zane Braslawsce, a Krav Maga instructor in San Diego, had been in other programs before. “This experience was life-altering. I’ve taken on new mitzvahs with a vigor I’ve never accessed before. Hadar Hatorah makes Judaism accessible not by watering the Torah down, but by lifting those who learn there infinitely higher.”

Some students decided to take their yeshiva experience further by extending their stay and joining the yeshiva full-time. Others have a date on the calendar for their return.

Hillel Rosenzweig, a current full-time student, said, “Hadar Hatorah is more than just our yeshiva – in many ways it’s like a second family. When you have a week like this, with guys coming to join the family – whether for a week or hopefully for some, much longer – the simcha is huge!”

Hadar HaTorah offers a yeshiva experience for students on all levels. For more information, go to www.hadarhatorah.org, or contact us at (718) 735-0250 or [email protected].  

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