200 Fathers and Sons Join Melave Malka in Chicago

A grand melave malka and learning program in Chicago brought together over 200 fathers and sons to learn together and enjoy a program with music and a play.

Over 200 fathers and sons from the Chicago area gathered this past Motzei Shabbos for a melave malka and father-and-son program.

The program started with the fathers and sons learning together, followed by the official melave malka.

Principal Rabbi Shneur Zalman Twersky and Dean Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf addressed the melave malka and Rabbi Michoel Lipskier shared a story.

Rabbi Yaakov Brody and musician Yitzchok Zirkind led the niggunium and a special video of the Rebbe was shown.

A special play was presented by the bonus of Kita Ches, captivating all the children and their parents with its entertaining and educational message.

Thank you was given to Ozzy Belson and Kita Ches for all the hard work and effort in producing the very special and amazing event.

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