200 Attend Chanuka Lighting in East London

Over 200 people attended the Menorah lighting of the Leytonstone & Wanstead synagogue in East London, England, led by Rabbi Yitzchok Austin.

On the fourth night of Chanuka, the Leytonstone & Wanstead Synagogue in East London, England, celebrated their fifth annual public Menorah lighting.

Over 200 people attended the event including the Mayor of Waltham Forest Karen Bellamy. There was a live band and LED show to entertain all those present. The Menorah lighting attracted many new people in the area.

In addition on the 6th night a separate public Menorah lighting took place in Walthamstow Village for the second year running. This event was attended by the local community who were very grateful for the beautiful display of Jewish pride.

Both lightings were organized by Rabbi and Mrs. Yitzchok Austin and Phil and Ruth Schryber from Leytonstone synagogue.

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