20 Gems From Reb Levik’s Torah

Chayenu has published a unique booklet in honor of Chof Av, the 79th Hilula of Harav Levi Yitzchok, the Rebbe’s father, containing 20 esoteric teachings translated into English.

Once again, Chayenu has published a unique booklet in honor of Chof Av, the 79th Hilula of Harav Levi Yitzchok, the Rebbe’s father.

The booklet (attached) contains 20 teachings of Harav Levi Yitzchok: 3 from Parshiyos in each Sefer of Chumash plus 5 on Yomim Tovim, totaling 20 corresponding to the 20th of Av.

The Rebbe made a heartfelt request from Chasidim to study his father’s teachings on his Yartzeit. This booklet enables and empowers all English-speaking Chasidim to fulfill this request.

What has been a closed book for most, due to its esoteric and highly cryptic nature, has in recent years begun to become more accessible to the wider public.

Beginning with Yalkut Levi Yitzchok, a running commentary by Rabbi Dovid Dubov of Princeton, New Jersey, which unpacks and dissects the subtle, nuanced and very deep teachings of R’ Levy Yitzchok, Chayenu embarked on the bold, pioneering work, some 3 years ago, to translate these into English.

This past year’s translations, with rich footnotes and sources was edited by Rabbi Alexander Heppenheimer, a scholar of both Nigleh and Chasidus, who produces a weekly teaching which is published in the Chayenu each week.

At the end of each teaching in English, one can find the original text – courtesy of Kehot Publication Society – with added Nikkud, by Chayenu, allowing the learner to then learn the concept in R’ Levy Yitzchok’s very own words.

The weekly column of Likutei Levy Yitzchok in Chayenu, is made possible through the generous support of Sholom and Esther Laine, who have supported many of the works of R’ Levy Yitzchok over the years.

The current Koivetz / Booklet in honor of Chof Av is sponsored by Ezzy Rappaport of Surfside, Florida. 

To download the booklet, please click here

Copies of the Booklet will be distributed in Almaty on Chof Av, at the main farbrengen in 770, at the Yarchei Kallah at CGI Parksville, and in Crown Heights Shuls.

Chayenu is aiming to G-d willing publish a Sefer – with Kehot – featuring a collection of these precious teachings, in the coming year, bEzras Hashem.

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