2.5 Million for R’ Yoel’s Legacy

It’s time to build R’ Yoel’s legacy – and Heichel Menachem is already hard at work. And the legacy that they’re building is, quite literally, a building.

It’s time to build R’ Yoel’s legacy– and Heichel Menachem is already hard at work.

And the legacy that they’re building is, quite literally, a building.

For years, Heichel Menachem has been working to make Chassidus accessible to the yidden of Boro Park and the whole world. R’ Yoel stood at the helm of their efforts, being the mashpia and leading shiurim for twenty-seven years.

Now, in tribute to R’ Yoel and his accomplishments in spreading the wellsprings of Chassidus, Heichel Menachem is raising the funds to continue the spread further and in greater measure. 

Enter: Bais R’ Yoel. “Chassidus Central” of Boro Park.

Plans for this multi-million dollar building are well underway, with a host of incredible features in the works for this newly renovated location. 

For starters, the building will boast an entire library of seforim, replete with every sefer imaginable. The highlight of this library will be the sefarim of the Baal ShemTov and his holy talmidim. The funds that will be raised, will allow visitors to peruse the Bais R’ Yoel library for any sefer that they wish to learn, especially if they’re looking to learn Chabad Chassidus! In the baalabatish yet comfortable atmosphere of this new space, yidden will be able to sit and learn from their Chassidus-library selections.  

Next destination on premises: the seforim store – where any sefer Chabad can be purchased. You name it; they’ve got it. 

In addition to the library and store, Bais R’ Yoel will facilitate other modes of learning Chassidus. Thanks to the updated systems, visitors to Bais R’ Yoel will be able to access recordings and videos of R’ Yoel’s shiurim, as well as videos of old farbrengens. For those looking to watch videos of the Rebbe, Bais R’ Yoel will be lending out copies for public use as well.

With ample space to host large crowds, the new building will be booked with shiurei Chassidus that will address various topics. These shiurim will be taught by a lineup of quality magidei shiurim, and will be geared to crowds of all types.

Bais R’ Yoel’s schedule will also be packed with farbrengens, which will be led by various mashpiim. And, on occasion, the center will host public viewings of videos of the Rebbe.

With Hashem’s help, and the help of the luxuries afforded to them in their beautiful new building, Heichel Menachem will continue to double and triple R’ Yoel’s impact, creating a legacy of Chassidus-learning for generations to come.  

Make your pre campaign donation here: www.BaisRebYoel.com

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